Where’s the Beef? Florida Woman Caught Trading Sex for Double Cheeseburgers

We don't want to know where those arches have been.
We don't want to know where those arches have been.

As we told you yesterday, studies show that consumption of fast food can leave people feeling a little down, but with news today from Florida that a woman there was caught soliciting sex in exchange for dollar-menu cheeseburgers, we can’t help but wonder just how low? The Miami Herald reports that in an undercover sting operation, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office apprehended a woman who they say offered an officer sex for two double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s dollar menu.

Of course, this isn’t the first instance of McDonald’s food being used for barter in the sex trade. Back in January, a woman in California who was charged with exchanging sexual favors for a six-piece Chicken McNuggets.

There’s no word on what exactly the undercover officer in Florida was offered in return for the “happy meal,” but if dollar-menu cheeseburgers pays for a cheap thrill, just imagine what a Whopper would buy you.

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