Deep Thoughts on Doughnut Lust

Lick the screen, you know you want to. Photo: David Silverman/Getty Images

Some blame crops and convenience stores for the rise of the big, fat ass, but others might want to point a honey-dipped finger at ... the doughnut. Ralph Gardner visits Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop in Greenpoint, "whose donuts Tina Fey has compared to sex"; the dominating Doughnut Plant, where the owner insists he invented the killer crème brûlée (and the square doughnut — who cares?); and Baked by Butterfield, where "they're more like cakes in circular form." The best epiphany of all is buried somewhere in the middle of his box of diet-murdering deliciousness: "I'd go so far as to say there are few things on Earth as disappointing as stale donuts." Amen. And hole-y craving. [WSJ]