Meat Club Brisketlab Is No Sausage Party

So juicy ...
So juicy ... Photo: Brisketlab/Twitter

Move over, pork: Vendr TV’s Daniel Delaney wants to hook New Yorkers on brisket, writes DNAinfo. His soon-to-launch Brisketlab will let hungry carnivores reserve shares of brisket for 25 bucks a pound, then attend any of ten or fifteen parties a month to cash in their orders, with a side of live music and drinks. Delaney will barbecue the stuff Texas-style in a 200-pound-capacity smoker with post oak wood he brought back from the Lone Star State. Sounds like this could be this summer’s version of a supper club. Brisketlab hasn’t quite launched yet, but you can pre-register for updates here. [DNAinfo]