Boulud, Ducasse, and Savoy Take Los Angeles, Share a Bowl of Gummy Bears

Boulud, Ducasse, and Savoy, with Gummy Bears
Boulud, Ducasse, and Savoy, with Gummy Bears Photo: @Danielboulud via Twitter

A three-headed, 22-Michelin star-rocking giant is stalking our streets today, as we learn via Daniel Boulud’s Twitter that he was in L.A. this week* with fellow French chefs, Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse. From what we can gather, the fellas were in town to appear on Masterchef with Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay, and so far, ate dinner at Mozza on Monday with Ludo Lefebvre and last night at The Bazaar. The three also snacked on a big bowl of gummy bears, we assume from craft services, which Savoy somehow managed to make look all cool and moody and French.

Unfortunately, the other two chefs aren’t big tweeters, while Boulud seems to keep his digits pretty busy, expressing a hankering for LudoTruck’s fried chicken, which never happened due to the trios’ production schedule. Ces’t la vie, chefs!

*A rep tells us Boulud took the red-eye home last night, while Savoy and Ducasse are now lunching at Spago.