Dana Cowin Scoops Her Own ‘Best New Chefs’ Announcement

A Tweety bird told us everything ...
A Tweety bird told us everything ... Photo: Melissa Hom

Keeping with tradition, Food & Wine EIC Dana Cowin spent all day yesterday tweeting out clues about who will win this year’s Best New Chef honors. But did Dana Cowin unknowingly spoil her own surprise? We don’t mean with the actual clues, such as “new york’s Kindergarten Kitchen. Let’s hear it from NYC! Who’s the hometown bnc?” (Whaddup, ABC Kitchen.) What Cowin might not realize is that it’s easy to take a look at whom she’s following on Twitter and when she started following them. At the same time as she was giving her hints, Cowin started to follow: Dan Kluger, Corey Lee, Bryant Ng, Willows Inn … you get the idea. We won’t give away the rest … that’s her job. [Dana Cowin/Twitter]