Captain America Lives in the Combat Zone, Doesn’t Eat

The Combat Zone's Chris Evans
The Combat Zone's Chris Evans

If you’re looking for Chris Evans, go to Chinatown. Details interviews the Sudbury-bred star at his apartment, which is near the “Combat Zone,” and at a “family-style Italian restaurant.” Which could it be? Maggiano’s?

According to the magazine, though, you’ll have better chances spotting him at one of Boston’s many fine nightspots (somewhere during the interview writer and subject “slip free of the gravitational pull of the bachelor pad and there’s bottle service at a club”) than at a restaurant: “We should have eaten dinner, but Evans sometimes forgets to eat: ‘If I could just take a pill to make me full forever, I wouldn’t think twice,’ he says.” Sad, since the Combat Zone is known for its multitude of superlative dining establishments!

Just Your Average Beer-Swilling, Babe-Loving Buddhist [Details]