Cherry Bomb Bus Pays Tribute to Bobcat Goldthwait; Rolls Up On the ‘Rachael Ray Garden’

Jen Zavala
Jen Zavala Photo: Jen Zavala

Earlier this week we mentioned that onetime Top Chef contender Jen Zavala was keeping herself busy at Interstate Draft House, while simultaneously keeping the Cherry Bomb Bus running. Today she told Grub that last night she and cohort Christina Clark rolled up on Frankford Hall with an impressive Shakes the Clown cake that was presented to Bobcat Goldthwait who was being honored for the 20th anniversary of the Shakes the Clown motion picture’s release. There were cupcakes, too. On Saturday, the two will hit the streets again, paying a visit to Passyunk Gardens (a.k.a. the Rachael Ray Garden) at Passyunk Ave. and Wharton Street between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to help the green-thumbs there celebrate the beginning of their gardening season.

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