We Are Getting So Many New Mexican Restaurants

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Listen up, people: More Mexican food is coming to Boston. Hot (and we do mean hot!) on the heels of Bueno Y Sano, Tenoch, and the Painted Burro, we hear that the Olive Tree on Mass Ave, near MIT, will become Beantown Taqueria, whose name causes us to fret about the authenticity of the whole enterprise. But, hey, we’ll see. Maybe they’ll just sell tacos with really scrumptious refried beans.

Also, down the road a bit in Kendall Square, MexiCali Cabana will open a new branch. Sounds like the type of place where bronzed coeds might frolic in the noonday sun, doesn’t it? This one is a “mission-style” burrito joint, per BRT, Right now there is a MexiCali Burrito Company at 500 Technology Square, but every company needs a cabana. Don’t they? Who are we to say, we work from home.

Anyway, the cabana outpost will be at 350 Kendall Street; stay tuned for opening details.

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We Are Getting So Many New Mexican Restaurants