Bouley Tweaks Brushstroke, Adds Sushi Bar and Master

A 'stroke of genius?
A 'stroke of genius? Photo: Patrick McMullan

Brushstroke continues its slow and steady rise to the top with the addition of a sushi bar, which offers two seatings per night at $150.00, and is spearheaded by Eiji Ichimura (former owner of now-closed Ichimura). The sushi bar encompasses the space that had previously been a liquor bar; there will be a glass door that separates the sushi area from the rest of Brushstroke. Ichimura’s style of sushi is described as “very pure, traditional nigiri, harking back to fresh-fish-topped sushi as it evolved in Tokyo about 200 years ago.” To be blunt: Lovers of brown-rice-with-shrimp-tempura rolls are probably not welcome. Even by the ever-Zen Bouley. [NYT]