Bodega Offers The Warren Buffett Deal Today

A Buffett and his burger
A Buffett and his burger Photo: AP

All three locations of Bodega Wine Bar are evading the usual 17% discount plan available at restaurants today to reduce your tax-day anguish. Instead, Bodega is launching “The Warren Buffet Deal,” offering 30% off of ALL food and drink, day and night, through today. The deal, just in case you watch Fox News or something, is named in honor of the President’s proposed tax plan, itself inspired by the extremely moneyed Berkshire-Hathaway mogul’s urging that the one-percent should pay a 30% minimum income tax on all that war and oil money they earn, as they typically pay a rate much less than what the rest of us are paying (to support their war and oil addictions). The flat 30% discount is available for all who check in through their phones on any social media site once they arrive at Bodega.