Owing to Popular Demand, Birdbath Expands Uptown

The magic moves uptown.
The magic moves uptown. Photo: Donny Tsang

City Bakery’s precious, produce-driven little sister Birdbath will open its sixth location “and first ever in the northern territories otherwise known as north of 23rd Street” over at Greenacre Park (East 51st Street between Second and Third Avenues). “This is a most Birdbathian location,” writes the eternally green Maury Rubin in his blog. “It’s is one of the smallest, sweetest parks in New York, often referred to as a ‘pocket park’ [by people who deal in slang for parks].” Look for the ‘bath to open at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And … make sure to offset all that kale with one of their killer cookies. [City Bakery Blog]