First Look at Beloved, Bringing Low-key Drinks to Greenpoint on Thursday

Beloved. Photo: Melisssa Hom

Beloved, a new bar opening in Greenpoint on Thursday, wants to challenge any notion of cocktail snobbery. “This is just a bar bar,” says co-owner Vivek Sreekumar. “There’s no frilly stuff. It’s a place to just come get a drink.” Tucked away on Manhattan Avenue just up the street from Five Leaves, the 900-square-foot establishment (formerly Stones Tavern) will provide twelve craft beers, including $4 Narragansett Lager. The cocktail menu — designed by Heather Ash, head bartender from Allswell in Willamsburg and Rene Hidalgo, bartender from Lantern’s Keep — features six drinks, including the Storm Warning (Smith & Cross, Cynar, ginger, lime, club soda, Peychaud’s Bitters). Later this summer, Sreekumar and his co-owner Aaron Manheim will nearly double the size of the nightspot by opening their 800-square-foot backyard. Photos and menu straight ahead.

Drinks Menu [PDF]

Beloved, 674 Manhattan Ave., nr. Norman Ave., Greenpoint