Miyako Assault Leads to Conviction For Bitter Blonde

Ouch! Photo: b0jangles via Flickr

A 40-year-old woman has been put on probation following her assault on a fellow patron at Santa Monica’s Miyako in December. Anastasia Atwil overheard one Steve Noble telling his two female companions that unlike some gentleman, he doesn’t prefer blondes. Atwil, a blonde, involved herself in the conversation, which soon became “heated.” After leaving his table, then re-seating himself, Atwil came over and hit Noble in the head with a wine glass, then fled the scene with her own dining mate. In addition to 200 hours of community service, Atwil was also ordered to pay $340 in restitution to her victim, who is probably no more fonder of blondes today. [Patch]