Andy Ricker Planning Outdoor Lunch Service for Pok Pok Ny

The midday magic will happen around the corner in the side yard. Photo: Melissa Hom

Andy Ricker tells us that once Pok Pok Ny is fully running (it’s five nights a week right now, you’ll recall), he plans to roll out an outdoor lunch service. The chef-owner mentioned selling food from a cart in the side yard, bringing out a big rotisserie for grilling game hen and the like. He also plans to offer simple fare like khao soi (the curry-broth noodle soup) and papaya salad — dishes that won’t require disturbing the kitchen as it preps for dinner. Diners will be able to eat outside or inside, most likely purchasing drinks from somebody walking around with a cooler. Might as well start inventing your excuses to take an extra-long lunch break now.