Alan Richman Announces NYC’s Best Restaurants, With Brooklyn Fare As Number One

Bouley and Corton make the cut.
Bouley and Corton make the cut.

No one quite understood his unparalleled love for Lincoln, and many were interested to see that he’s a smitten little schoolboy over the San Fransisco scene, but Alan Richman’s love of Brooklyn Fare, ranking it No. 1 in his list of Best New York Restaurants today, is no big surprise (remember this fan letter?). Read the rest of his choices here.

1. The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare
2. Le Bernardin
3. Corton
4. Eleven Madison Park
5. Del Posto
6. Jean Georges
7. Restaurant Daniel
8. The Salon at Per Se
9. Bouley
10. 15 East

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