Watch Wolfgang Puck Out-Funny All the Guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Puck with Jimmy Fallon
Puck with Jimmy Fallon Photo: Hulu

Last night Wolfgang Puck served Late Night with Jimmy Fallon up with some high-jinks, proving just what a wild man the James Beard honoree can be. The Spago chef taught Fallon how to make pizza alongside Aziz Ansari and SNL alum Anna Gasteyer. There to promote some sort of iPhone app, Puck really should consider a stand-up special or something, considering he repeatedly funny-boned all three comedians, reminding Fallon that he’d been in that studio “before you were born,” chucking Ansari’s limp pie at an audience member, and suggesting Gasteyer defrock before cooking. The seasoned chef was in such high spirits, Ansari even asked, “Are you on ecstasy?” Later, Puck tried to pitch Jimmy on opening his own Spago location, revealing a business credo that more or less breaks down as, “Show me the money and I’ll open it.” Really, if only these four were hosting The Chew…Anyway, take a look below to watch Puck bring his funny to late night T.V.

Aziz Ansari, Wolfgang Puck Knead Pizza Dough Together [The Daily Meal]