What to Eat at BadHappy Poutine Shop, Opening in River North Today


We had to doublecheck the date to make sure we weren’t starting to get the April Fool’s gags, but sure enough, someone is actually opening a poutine shop today in the River North area right near the Moody Bible Institute. (The former Big & Little’s location, our friend Charlotte points out in the comments.) Poutine, aka french fries with cheese curds and gravy, will be served up by at BadHappy Poutine Shop in a variety of flavors like the RedNeck (which violates the Zen-like simplicity of poutine with pulled pork and fried okra) or the One Hot Asian (Jalapeno curds, spicy pork patties, you get the idea). There are also burgers (which are said to be house-ground beef), chimmichurri fries… you’ll just have to read the menu for yourself, below. [Thrillist]

Snacks -$6
Smooosh’s (gobs of goodness on toasted ciabatta)- Egg, Pepperoni, Giardiniera/ House Cured Salmon, Pickled Calamari, Rouille/ Chick n’ Pork Liver, House Pickles, Grain Mustard

Chimichurri Fries- Gaucho Sauce

Poutine- $10

All come with house pickled vegetables/ BadBurrito Style + 1. add to Burger+3.
Ask about the ‘Triple-Double’ Challenge

Quebecer-Fromage Beaucronne, St. Hubert Gravy

Da’ Local-Sharp Cheddar Curd, House Sausage, Giardiniera, Pepper and Onion Gravy

Pilson-Taco Curd, Beef Piccalillo, Cilantro and Onions, Roasted Chilies, Tomatillo Salsa, la Lengua Gravy

Slow Cooked Veal Cheek-Garlic Curd, Chicken Fried Sweet Breads, Kale and Onions, Foie Gras Gravy

The RedNeck- Braised Pork Shoulder, Mac n Cheese, Fried Okra, PBR Gravy

One Hot Asian-Jalapeno Curd, Viet-Pork Patties, Headcheese, Cilantro, Carrot and Dikon, Kimchi Sauce

The Good the Bad & the Happy-Fromage Beaucronne, Pork Belly, Foie Gras Mousse, Braised Veal, Truffle Mayo, Foie Gras Gravy, Fried Egg (add $2)

House Ground Burgers

Single 8/ Double 9/ Triple 10- Brioche Bun
PB&J-; Peanut Butter and Jerk Burger, Maudite Mayo
BadHappySauce Burger- BadSauce, HappySauce, Pablano, Raw Onion, Wiz’


with fries add a buck
Lil’ Head-Baby Iceberg, House Bacon, Tomato Confit, Radish, Local Blue, Peppadew Dressing-v
BadBrutus-Seared Romaine, House Smoked Anchovies, Scotch Egg, Crisp Brioche, Parmesan, Garlic Dressing


Shakes: $4 Chocolate-Peanut butter /Birthday Cake
House made sweets change daily $5

BadHappy Poutine Shop, 939 North Orleans, 773-490-5671.

What to Eat at BadHappy Poutine Shop, Opening in River North Today