West Roxbury’s Corrib Boots Waitresses for Underage Boozing, Says They’re Sorry


This is sad: While some bars and clubs flout the law, it seems that West Roxbury’s Corrib has always tried to do the right thing. It’s a family pub based on trust, reports Universal Hub, but just the same they’re up before the Boston Licensing Board in an underage-drinking snafu. And the manager’s humility is heartwarming.

Yesterday, apologetic manager Tony Blight appeared before the BLP and began: “I am embarrassed to be in front of this board.” Apparently an off-duty Corrib waitress came in with two friends and an on-duty waitress didn’t bother to card them, because she assumed the other waitress wouldn’t let them try to buy beers if they weren’t of age. Little did they know that police were performing an unscheduled inspection at that very moment.

The two young imbibers admitted to police that they didn’t have proper ID. Both waitresses had worked at the Corrib for many years, as had their family members; just the same, Bligh fired ‘em.

Should their license be suspended? It’s a tough call, although times have been tough for the Corrib lately. Last month, as UH notes, a man emerged from the bar covered in blood, claiming that he’d been smashed with a glass. Wielded by someone of age, we expect.

’Embarrassed’ Manager at West Roxbury Corrib Fies Two Waitresses Who Let a Pair of 20-Year-Olds Drink Beers [UH]