Wells Is La Bummed About La Mar; Sietsema Beams From John Brown Smokehouse

At La Mar Cebicheria Peruana, Pete Wells finds that “the oversights piled up,” from a conspicuous absence of a coat check to an overflowing wastebasket in the bathroom. The food misses the mark, too, with the exception of “compelling” ceviche. Wells rates his experience “satisfactory.”[NYT]

Steve Cuozzo ventures this week to Talde, “where a three-star ‘Asian-American’ menu is trapped in a one-and-a-half-star party scene.” Dessert is a disappointment, but try the branzino or the ramen. [NYP]

“Tables for Two” also eats at Talde, and unlike Cuozzo, Hannah Goldfield likes the dessert — and nearly everything else. The fried chicken is so good, she says, that “one night, when a busser tried to clear a plate that had only a few swipes of it left, an entire table chorused ‘No!’” [ NYer]

Ryan Sutton finds that the $122 prix fixe menu at Jungsik isn’t worth the price. The foie gras is great, but otherwise Sutton encounters “multiple dishes that disappoint.” He gives the restaurant two stars. [Bloomberg]

Rucola’s food is at last “accomplished and satisfying” after an “uneven start,” writes Betsy Andrews. Try the sandwiches during the day; finish with the dark chocolate pudding by night. [NYT]

New York might be far from the barbecue capitals of the Midwest such as Kansas City, but the taste at John Brown Smokehouse is as close as anywhere. Robert Sietsema recommends the lamb sausage, which is “beyond great,” or the pulled pork. [VV]