Tracy Morgan Gets a Shave in a Bar; Nick Jonas Dines Late at Cafeteria

Nick Jonas could probably do better than Cafeteria.
Nick Jonas could probably do better than Cafeteria.

While the show-offs hit L.A. for the Oscars, the more understated stars stayed put in New York, enjoying the mild winter and double Linsanity (let’s discuss the new face later). Tracy Morgan got himself a shave in a bar, Jeremy Lin — speaking of — dined with teammates after a win, and Nick Jonas grabbed a late-night dinner with Smash star Megan Hilty. All this and more, straight ahead, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.

Cafeteria: Nick Jonas enjoyed a late-night dinner with Smash star Megan Hilty after the two did a taping of the Bravo talk show (ironically) titled Watch What Happens Live. Supposedly, the two laughed as they shared a “mac attack” appetizer. [People]
The Darby: Jeremy Lin celebrated with his teammates Jared Jeffries, Steve Novak, and Landry Fields after the Knicks beat the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this week. Fans flocked as Lin happily shook hands and posed for pictures. [Page Six/NYP]
Dream Downtown: Fresh Academy Award winner Terry George has carried his Oscar with him everywhere since his win, as he reportedly placed the statue smack in the middle of the table while dining with Brendan Fraser. [Page Six/NYP]
Home: Bruce Springsteen’s longtime friend and bandmate Steve Van Zandt had a few pear bellinis with his wife Maureen. [Page Six/NYP]
Jean Georges: Magic Johnson stopped by the bar to take a photo with two chefs visiting from Baltimore because he’s just the nicest guy around. [Page Six/NYP]
Old Homestead Steakhouse Well, Tracy Morgan got a shave and a haircut in a bar because, well, he’s Tracy Morgan. [Page Six/NYP]