Where to Get Your Salad Tossed in Downtown Today

Tossed Photo: Elizabeth Daniels via Eater

Okay, okay, please help us keep a straight face here while discussing this. A new design-it-yourself salad spot has just opened and it’s named…wait for it…Tossed. Ai, the humanity! Eater reports that this anal retentive space of spit-shined floors and sharp lines will debut to the hard-working public today on Wilshire in Downtown. Sprung from a New York-based chain of the same name, the green eatery serves panini, sandwiches, soups, and crepes, along with customized salads, and will join that Valhalla reserved for other slightly dirty-sounding restaurants like Wurstkuche, Poom Thai, and Pink Taco that weighs heavily on the sophomoric side of our brains. Check out the website for menus and hours.

Tossed, 700 Wilshire Blvd. Downtown. 213-612-4322.

Tossed Salad Chain Soft Opens Today Downtown [Eater]