San Diego Beer Fan Not Impressed With the ‘Sass’ of Toronado Bartenders

Toronado 1.0
Toronado 1.0 Photo: Haighteration

Did you know there was another, newer Toronado now in San Diego? Well, there is, and that sunny SoCal city has become quite the hub of craft brewing in recent years, so it makes sense that the Toronado crew might franchise there. This week, Haighteration points us to a gripe from a San Diegan visitor to our fair city who went to check out Toronado 1.0 and was none too pleased to find a cramped space, a cash-only policy, and a gruff bar staff.

To wit:

The sass and generally unwelcoming nature of some of the staffers behind Toronado SF’s bar has been explained to me by many a patron as ‘part of the ambiance.’ Because a large contingent of Toronado’s regulars are hospitality industry types or people so enamored with craft beer they’d take a few lashes on the back if it meant receiving a pint of some rare double IPA in return, the staff can behave this way. That’s certainly well within their right, but it’s probably not an environment that’s going to appeal to many SoCal visitors.

So, anyhow, this is just further evidence that SoCal thinks we’re all snobs and assholes up here. Nothing new there.

A Tale of Two Toronados [San Diego Reader via Haighteration]

San Diego Beer Fan Not Impressed With the ‘Sass’ of Toronado