Toast in Trouble Over Aubrey O’Day’s Doggy-Style

O'Day Photo: Ella's Portfolio via Flickr

Yipping on the heels of L.A.’s recent embrace of dogs on restaurant patios, Toast is taking a slight slap on the wrist after reality T.V. “actress” Aubrey O’Day allowed her two pups to mount her patio table. TMZ reports that the doggies rubbed their booties on the surface, triggering an investigation by the city Health Department for violating the rule that states, “Pets shall not be allowed on chairs, seats, benches and tables,” which should be fairly obvious to anyone with brain power greater than your average third-tier reality twit. Toast got off with no official warning or demerit, but promises to be “extremely vigilant” about dogs dry-humping the same place you prop up your sandwich. [TMZ]