Sink Your Teeth Into a Titanic-Themed Dinner

41°North, 49°West happens April 14.

Attention, history buffs and lovers of the 1997 DiCaprio-Winslet cheese-fest: If you don’t happen to have $150,000 lying around, there’s another way to get on the Titanic. Untapped NY has details on an opulent re-creation of the Titanic’s last supper, dubbed 41°North, 49°West (the coordinates of the ship’s demise), set to go down on the sinking’s anniversary, April 14. Ticket prices are steep — $300 for “first class,” $450 for VIP (apparently there's no option for steerage class) — and include a seven-course meal from Hell’s Kitchen's Rob McCue and Adam Banks of Bravo’s Chef Roblé & Co. More info at [Untapped Cities]