The Brewster Aims to Add a Little Gilded Age–ness to Nolita

Craig Hopson's menu will take you back to the days of carriages and cabbages.
Craig Hopson's menu will take you back to the days of carriages and cabbages. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Some new details today about the Brewster, that massive and ambitious-sounding Gilded Age–themed project that’s marching into 177 Mott Street from developer Ross Morgan, industry vet Frank Roberts, and former Le Cirque chef Craig Hopson. Morgan tells the Post that the team is busy building a complex of food-related features inside the space, including a bi-level, 5,000-square-foot restaurant evocative of mid-nineteenth-century New York culture, with a menu matching the British, German, French, West Indian, and African influences of the neighborhood. Intriguing.

The Brewster will also operate a sidewalk flower market and a small indoor provisions market with sandwiches and jams, which the Post calls the “British answer to Eataly.” It will also offer room service to the residents of the very expensive apartments above, who will be able to stash their wine inside the restaurant’s cellar.

Does this mean Nolita is about to be overrun with parasol-toting doyennes and imperious dudes with pointy canes and coattails? That’s still unclear, but all this nineteenth-century stuff is getting really interesting. “It will be a Gilded Age, New York, harking back to old times,” says Morgan. “This building is an 1850s carriage-making building. No one knows it, yet it is a treasure for American history, unchartered and unwritten about.”

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