Now Coachella Yuppies Can Get The SLS Hotel to Pack Their Lunch

Somehow content with Boar's Head
Somehow content with Boar's Head Photo: Emilydickinsonridesabmx via Flickr

In yet another sign that the festival has parted from any semblance of underground cool or lo-fi, underground anything, The SLS Hotel is packing a lunch for Coachella-goers. That is, those who haven’t spent their last cent scoring a ticket in the first place. Geared to the spendy consumer who only goes for the VIP seats, the restaurant offers a to-go lunch assortment for $28 (!!!) containing a choice of Catalan ham with cheese or a veggie dip, plus a tomato salad, Spanish cheese with whole fruit, water or soda, and a selection of cookies and brownies. It must be ordered 24 hours in advance and clearly isn’t for anyone racing to the pit. Anyway, not a small amount of planning, nor loot, to get a simple road trip snack.