Tavern Will Bring Classy American Dining to NoMad Next Month

Opening in early April.

Right before our noses, NoMad is becoming a respectable place: There’s the ever-hopping Ace, the opulent new NoMad restaurant, and now we learn Tavern, an antiqued-out duplex of an eatery, will open early next month from the Stone Street Tavern folks. Housed in a converted brownstone, the spot has a formal first-floor room named for Teddy Roosevelt (who once lived a mere ten blocks away, we’re informed), and a more casual second floor named for Alexander Hamilton. Food leans New American: think hanger steak, seared scallops, goat-cheese-and-chorizo fritters. Come late spring, expect a German beer garden in partnership with brewer Erdinger. Though we’re not sure what the famously anti-booze T.R. would say about that.