Stephen Starr Bows to Neighborhood Pressure, Rethinks Paris Commune Space

If at first you don't succeed ...
If at first you don't succeed ...Photo: Patrick McMullan

Surrendering to pressure from West Village residents, a slightly defeated Stephen Starr has withdrawn his application to sell liquor at the site of the shuttered Paris Commune, and will present a scaled-down version of his plans when Community Board 2’s SLA committee meets next month. Starr had originally proposed increasing the occupancy of the Paris Commune space from 80 to 137 seats, plus later closing hours, stirring objections from neighbors and a rejection of his application. During a full community-board meeting late last week, some opponents seemed open to his fresh start. “We are looking forward to working with Starr Restaurants for a new plan that will be more appropriate to the community,” said Irene Anschlowar, leader of a group called Residents for Responsible Restaurants in the West Village that had aggressively claimed via flyers that Starr’s first plan would result in “an invasion” by the meatpacking district. Back to square one, Starr.