Spice Table, Senor Fish, and Weilands Moving Out of The Metro’s Way?

Spice Table
Spice Table Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

A trio of popular Little Tokyo restaurants may get pushed out of their original locations so that The MTA can make way for an underground light rail station, planning to start construction in 2014, L.A. Downtown News reports. Twelve-year-old happy hour hub Weiland’s Brewery, along with Senor Fish and Spice Table, are all being offered the chance to relocate with MTA funds, often to the frustrations of owners like Weiland’s Rick Bennet and neighbor Bryant Ng. The Spice Table chef-owner doesn’t think his one-year-old eatery, which fits perfectly into its atmospheric brick-lined network, can survive in another location. He tells LADTN, “It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t open another restaurant somewhere else, but opening a restaurant is very tough and we’d have to start all over.” [LADTN]