Sotto Going Nose-to-Tail on Easter Lamb

What, chef got your tongue?
What, chef got your tongue? Photo: Ejhogbin via Flickr

Easter approaches again, bringing back visions of fluffy, cotton-tailed bunnies, wee, waddling duckies, and wooly little lambs whose bones and marrow we long to crush between our canines. Sotto must feel us on this, as two-headed chef Steve Samson and Zach Pollack prepare to take their spring-time fury out on a succulent innocent during a nose-to-tail dinner on April 8. Southern Italian dishes, offered a la carte between $15-$18, will cover the beast’s body from a grilled leg with lemon, artichokes, and egg to the tongue with salsa verde, fregola, and olives, a quick stop in between at the liver for a pane frattau topped with the offal and cardoons. Wine pairings from Northern California and Italy will be provided by Jeremy Parzen and reservations are most definitely a must at 310-277-0210.