Sneak a Peek at the Del Popolo Pizza Truck, Launching in a Matter of Weeks

It's all glass! With real fire inside!
It's all glass! With real fire inside! Photo: Flour+Water/Twitter via Mission Mission

As we mentioned back in January, former Flour + Water pizzaiolo Jon Darsky is launching the first wood-oven-equipped pizza truck, called Del Popolo (“of the people”), using a real Neapolitan oven, from Italy, that’s been installed on a flatbed truck. Until today, we didn’t realize the whole truck was going to be transparent, but now a sighting of the truck by Flour + Water confirms the thing is all glass, and pretty cool. See a bigger photo below.

Darsky has been laying low for a couple of years since departing Flour + Water, and pizza fans are pretty excited about this new mobile development, especially because it means authentic Neapolitan pies in a novel setting, perhaps outside a beloved drinking establishment.

A rep for Del Popolo tells Grub Street that the truck is due for a launch in late March or early April, in advance of scheduled coverage by the New York Times and others. See the rare sighting of the truck, which is already back in the shop for its finishing touches, below.

Del Popolo Keeps Truckin’ [Mission Mission]
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