Sex-Crazed Flies Drown Their Sorrows in Booze; Is Green Dye Dangerous?

• Will all that green dye on Saint Patrick’s Day be bad for you? Eh, no, probably not. [HuffPo]

• Today’s award for best headline: “Scientists say sex-starved flies drown their woes in alcohol.” [AP via MSNBC]

• The Middle East has its very own OpenTable clone! It’s called Tawilati. [Digital Journal]

• The constant pressure on sites like Living Social and Groupon to come up with new daily deals “may be pushing deal sites into dangerous territory.” [USAT]

• Watermelons everywhere can breathe easy for a bit. Gallagher is recovering after suffering a heart attack on Wednesday. [NYP]

• Read up, fatso: The Daily News looks at the phenomenon of food addiction. [NYDN]