Scratch That Korean BBQ Part About Dragon Ranch; Rockit Wrigley to Become Burger Bar


The report we linked to said Korean BBQ; the name has Dragon in it, which is a pretty good sign that something Asian is intended and we didn’t just dream it all. Nevertheless, we received word last night that our piece announcing that Rockit Ranch was opening a Korean BBQ-slash-moonshine joint was incorrect; we are informed that Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ will be an American barbecue place with “hints of Asian influence.” So we don’t know what that means in terms of grilling on coals at your table or stuff like that, but we guess we’ll find out more soon enough. In any case, that’s not the only news coming from the Rockit Ranch world in the next few weeks.

Switching Rockit Wrigley to an all-burger menu is apparently only an incremental change— their press release says that they accounted for 90% of entrees anyway. Now you need never leave Cubs Field in an inebriated state and wonder if you’ll find red meat: Rockit Wrigley will be renamed Rockit Burger Bar and open with a menu of exotic burger toppings in time for the Cubs’ home opener on April 5.