LDV Hospitality Takes Over Former XL Space; Is Scott Conant Involved?

What is this man planning?
What is this man planning? Photo: Melissa Hom

Two interesting bits of information point to the possibility that Scott Conant is taking over the former XL club space at 357 West 16th Street, next door to the Dream Downtown. The first bit is an industry source familiar with the area, who tells us that, yes, he hears Scott Conant is taking over the space. The second bit is this recently filed liquor-license app, which lists LDV Hospitality as the principal on the location. Interesting, since LDV is the company behind Conant’s Scarpetta locations and the more casual D.O.C.G. in Las Vegas.

Conant, for his part, tells us he’s not involved, and a rep for LDV says the company is currently focused on opening its projects in Atlantic City’s soon-to-open Revel Casino (Marc Forgione’s steakhouse among them), and hasn’t decided what to do with the space. “It might be a gastropub,” the rep told us, sort of half-jokingly. Or, it might be the place where Conant finally sets up his NYC D.O.C.G. Either way, we’re not necessarily buying Conant’s denial, and we’re certainly not ruling out the possibility. Whatever it is, expect an official announcement in the coming months.