We Have a Winner for One Copy of Sausage: A Country-by-Country Photographic Guide With Recipes!

Sausage Photo: Dorling Kindersley

This morning we picked a winner in our contest that endows one lucky reader with a fresh copy of Dorling Kindersley’s illustrated guide, Sausage: A Country-by-Country Photographic Guide With Recipes. We asked Grub readers to sully our precious Facebook page with breakdowns of their own favorite wieners and that they did, offering us eight different opinions on which sausage most rocks the world. Who among this massive sausage party takes the prize?

We’re happy to announce one Alex Labbett’s name was picked from a bowl at random today, who we’ll soon be in touch with to get him his booty. In the meantime, what did Labbett write to express how much he loves hot Italians?

Labbett writes:

I prefer fresh sausages, specifically the Hot Italian. You can dial in your own heat content with the amount of red pepper flakes used while the spiciness gets balanced by fennel seeds and garlic. I love to grill them up on a hot summer day and match with a crisp red ale (like Hop Head Red by Green Flash Brewing). Wurstkuche also makes a solid one (and they have it as a vegetarian option too, although I prefer the veggie chipotle).

Thanks Alex! We hope you enjoy reading about sausage as much as you like writing about it. To everyone else who entered, many thanks for joining the fray and we wish you lots more luck the next time. There is still some good news. Starting today, you can buy your own copy of Sausage: A Country-by-Country Photographic Guide With Recipes as it releases this morning. And to everyone who didn’t enter, become our pals on Facebook, as we’ll no doubt be offering new contests in the weeks to come.