Queens Food Carts in Armed-Robbery String

The mostly cash businesses are attracting robbers.
The mostly cash businesses are attracting robbers. Photo: Ben Stechschulte

When we read last week about the crime befalling food trucks in Oakland, we had a moment of NIMBY smugness: that wouldn’t happen here. Not true! Robert Sietsema learns of a string of armed robberies of Queens food carts on Queens and Junction boulevards that occurred between March 2 and March 10. According to accounts and surveillance footage, the robber seems to be “a white or Hispanic male, aged 20 to 25, 5’$2 10” to 6’ tall and weighing in the neighborhood of 150 to 170 pounds.” As the Oakland article noted, food carts and trucks are easy targets, since they tend to deal in cash. Those with any information about the crimes should call 800-577-TIPS. And in other mobile-dining-crime news, it seems the Wall Street Burgers truck has gone missing. [Fork in the Road/VV]