Shocker Alert: Placenta-Eating Not All Its Cracked Up to Be

No longer for breakfast anymore?
No longer for breakfast anymore? Photo: Lunar Caustic via Flickr

For a hot minute there, chowing down on your own placenta threatened to become the new bacon, or at least the new coconut water. Now, a former Santa Monica resident who actually popped pills formed from her own placenta following the birth of a son is speaking out against the practice with her own horror story today in the New York Times.

Of her post-natal troubles, the author writes, “Shortly after my first dose of two pills, I felt jittery and weird. By the next day, after just eight placenta pills, I was in tabloid-worthy meltdown mode, a frightening phase filled with tears and rage.” Now, it may be too early to pin the KONY 2012 director’s recent bout of public masturbation on this one, but at least we know L.A.’s Westside carries bigger health threats than raw milk.

Though she questions whether it was just the timing or spent emotions centered around the birth, the scribe smartly stopped taking the pills and concludes with a pretty sound rule we usually try and follow when it comes to our personal health and cleanliness: “once it comes out, maybe it should stay out.”

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Shocker Alert: Placenta-Eating Not All Its Cracked Up to Be