Local Michelin Inspectors Approve of Haven and Mozzeria, and Fall In Love Anew With Atelier Crenn


Speaking of our local Michelin inspectors, it’s been ages since we last checked in on their avid Twittering. The last few weeks have found them returning to Manresa and remarking on the parmesan “pebbles” served with an onion soup; loving Kim Alter’s smoked fettucine at Haven; and learning how to sign “thank you” after enjoying a “great” pizza at deaf-owned Mozzeria.

Also, one of them writes, just as of this week, “To describe the experience at Atelier Crenn is a futile exercise… very little comes close to it. Oh that smoked pigeon!” So it would sound like Dominique Crenn is going to hold on to her Michelin star, at the very least.

And a funny sidenote: One of the inspectors apparently knows food chemist and historian Harold McGee, and ran into him in Japantown and had to lie about what he or she does for a living. Because they’re absolutely anonymous, you know.

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