Paul Kahan, Rob Levitt Talk Butchering In New Video

Paul Kahan in "The Butcher's Karma."
Paul Kahan in "The Butcher's Karma." Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Sky Full of Bacon, which is ourselves, has a new video out about butchers called The Butcher’s Karma, featuring two local faves: Rob Levitt of The Butcher & Larder and Paul Kahan of Publican Quality Meats (among other things). Along with Bartlett Durand of Black Earth Meats near Madison (who supplies grassfed beef and other meats to PQM), they acknowledge the brief wave of butcher hipness but the real subject is how each of them is reconnecting farmers and customers in their own way. Of particular interest may be the behind-the-scenes footage of Publican Quality Meats, taken a couple of days before opening, including a full tour of the meat locker which you walk by on your way to the restroom. (Some of this same shoot was used here at Grub Street, but it’s virtually all different material from it.) Watch it below (and note that if not gruesome, it is at least frank about what cutting up meat involves, adjust lunch plans accordingly).