Paul Dano Elaborates on His Cookery

Understated awesomeness.

Earlier this week, Paul Dano revealed a little about his culinary passions, and last night at the Being Flynn premiere, Grub Street asked him for more specifics. Of his foodie tendencies, he says, "I'm not a clothes guy, I'm not a car guy, but a good meal is something that turns me on. We cook. My girlfriend [Zoe Kazan] happens to be an excellent cook." He quickly noted that she's much more culinarily gifted than he is, cooking his favorite pasta with tuna and olives, a killer turkey meatloaf, and making them homemade pies. Dano adds,"I chop, I help clean. My specialty is chopping onions and garlic ... and washing parsley, washing lettuce." The couple's latest kitchen investment? "A coffee grinder! We have a new grinder."