Nabisco Plans Not-So-Spontaneous Flash Mob Today At The Grove

Turning 100
Turning 100 Photo: Nicoleleec via Flickr

Save for that one episode of Modern Family, we’ve never personally experienced a “flash mob” (excuse us for being about as au currant as your grandmom today). But we always figured the keys to these internet-organized sensations must be spontaneity. One minute, you’re minding your own at the mall (please see the previous parenthetical note), the next you’re witnessing a gang of strangers geek out to “Mr. Roboto.” To celebrate the 100th birthday of Oreo’s, Nabisco is holding a flash mob at The Grove at eleven o’clock today where Lady Antebellum is scheduled to sing the birthday tune.

The L.A. Times actually calls this more of a “flash-mob-style party” and for all we know, it may still fit the bill. But in any case, a free concert, Oreo-themed games, and photos with the Oreo Man should be enough of a push to get you out there. [LAT]