Upper Crust, Not Your Average Joe’s Stiff the Average Joes Who Work There


Yikes! The Globe reports that 15 Not Your Average Joe’s locations owe their employees back wages, and so does Salem’s Upper Crust. And they’re not the only culprits. Also under investigation by the U.S. Labor Department: popular spots like the Miracle of Science, Middlesex Lounge, and Tory Row, and the Metropolitan Club restaurants in Chestnut Hill, Dedham and Natick.

According to the Globe, some restaurants paid employees flat salaries without overtime pay, failed to combine hours worked at multiple locations for overtime purposes, paid incorrect overtime rates to tipped employees, and made illegal deductions from employees’ wages. Other employees were wrongly classified as independent contractors.

The Globe has the full list of restaurants, which also includes a bunch of Fresh City locations.

34 Boston-Area Restaurants Owe Back Wages [Globe]