NJ Homebrewers Turn Love of Hops Into Cash Crops; FDA Mulls BPA Ban

• A bar brawl last night in Center City turned extra bloody when four men were stabbed. [CBS Philly]

• New Jersey homebrewers turn hop farming hobby into a budding business. [Newsworks]

• Celine Dion is part of a group that bought landmark Montreal deli Schwartz’s. Evidently her heart goes on despite a love for smoked meat. [HuffPo]

• The French went ahead and outlawed it, and now the FDA is deciding by the end of the month whether to ban BPA in food packaging; the chemical has been linked to cancer and reproductive problems. [Forbes]

• How to make delicious porky tonkatsu ramen at home? It can be done — hint: you need a lot of bones. [SE]

• Italian desserts aren’t just limited to tiramisu and cannoli; as the author of Dolci: Italy’s Sweets discovered, they’re sometimes made with “sugar, honey and chocolate with pasta, chickpeas, eggplant and even meat.” [Reuters]