NJ Cheesemakers Made Cheese with Condemned Raw Milk; What Makes Taco Trucks’ Tacos Taste So Good?

• The U.S. Attorney’s office handed down a misdemeanor shipping charge against a New Jersey cheesemaker for selling cheese made with condemned raw milk. [AP via Philly.com]

• All the cultural economist types are suddenly debating why taco trucks tacos are tastier. Some conclusions: tacos are very well suited to informal service, and at a truck, there’s no making up for mediocre food with strong margaritas. [Slate]

• There’s one group high food prices doesn’t hurt a bit: farmers. In the U.S. agricultural industry, it’s “a real boom time.” [NPR]

• Let this confirm your suspicions that all your colleagues with their enticing chocolate chip cookies are making you fat. [WSJ]