New Treatments for Food Allergies; Australia’s Pie Face Aiming for 50 Manhattan Locations

• Experimental new treatments for food allergies suggest that immunotherapy — giving patients small, regular doses of the allergen — may be effective. [Chart/CNN]

• Grant Achatz’s secret fast-food vices? Little Caesar’s and Potbelly Sandwiches. Also, he thinks most people don’t cook with enough salt. [WSJ]

• Look out, New York (and the rest of the U.S.), the owners of newly arrived Aussie meat-pie chain Pie Face have ambitions to open 50 stores in Manhattan alone. [NYDN]

Top Chef’s Gail Simmons had a fashion “aha moment” when she met Anna Wintour wearing a goose-fat-stained Old Navy T-shirt. Since then, she’s figured out which clothes flatter her. [NYP]

• Food trucks in East Oakland have been hard hit by crime recently as the city has reduced its police force. Trucks are a target for robbers since they deal in cash. [NYT]

• Currently having a moment in fast-food sandwiches: pepper jack cheese. Find it at Carl’s Jr. and elsewhere. [USAT]

• Restaurant Girl lines up the city’s best meatballs, including a vegan version at Rice. [Restaurant Girl]