Bottle Shocker: New Jersey Wines Hold Their Own Against the French in a Blind Tasting

Jersey wines? Ha, what exit?
Jersey wines? Ha, what exit? Photo: Getty Images

Keep an ear out for the Wine School’s Keith Wallace this morning on local public radio affiliate, WHYY. He played a hand in what’s undoubtedly one of the more compelling stories of late about wine. At the request of journalist Jen Howard, who wanted to get to the bottom of smack-talk about how the Garden State’s climate and terroir is just as good for producing wines of note as those in France, Wallace coordinated a blind tasting of wines from New Jersey — yes, they do exist — against comparable bottles from Bordeaux and Burgundy. Surprisingly, the tasters empaneled for the showdown found that the Dirty Jerz wines held their own against those from France. To which Wallace said, “That is pretty effing amazing!” If you miss the story on the air, you can still check it out on the web. [Newsworks]