Neal Fraser Developing Hot Dog Concept

Fraser, working snout-to-tail
Fraser, working snout-to-tail Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Still hoping to get Grace back on its feet in Downtown’s Saint Vibiana’s cathedral, Neal Fraser’s camp confirms that the chef is also looking to open a more downscale project in the form of his own hot dog concept. Zaqat reports that the BLD founder, who is still involved as a consulting chef at The Strand House in Manhattan Beach, is “filling his time” by working out details for this new hot doggery but is yet to leak details on either a location or name. Amy Knoll Fraser, the chef’s wife and business partner, affirms the project is in development, as she admits, “I can confirm that it’s true but all I can tell you otherwise is that it’s about the bun and the dog.” [Zagat]