Martha Stewart’s Stink-Eye Provokes Rachael Ray to Scram

Rachael wanted out.
Rachael wanted out. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

A healthy competition turned into an ugly staredown the other night at Il Buco Alimentaria and Vineria, where Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray wound up sitting at nearby tables. Sources tell “Page Six” that Stewart was “noticeably glaring in Ray’s direction throughout her meal.” Then Ray, who was dining with Meatopia’s Josh Ozersky, took the high road … and pretty much bolted. “Martha definitely looked pissed,” Ozersky tells Grub Street. “But honestly I think a big part of it was just Rachael wanting to relax and be away from everybody assuming that she was in this big diva battle. She’s not really like that. Rachael hates drama. She just wanted to enjoy a nice meal with her friends.” Fair enough. The burn word from Martha’s side? “Martha was not aware Rachael was in the restaurant.” Of course. [Page Six/NYP]