See Olive Garden Critic Marilyn Hagerty Review an NYC Dirty-Water Dog

She'd make a great New Yorker.
She'd make a great New Yorker. Photo: Courtesy Grand Forks Herald

Unless your internet memory is as short as a fruit fly’s life, you probably recall the recent hubbub over Marilyn Hagerty, an 85-year-old North Dakota newspaperwoman who shot to instant fame with a review of her town’s new Olive Garden. Now that Hagerty’s a virtual celeb, she’s here in New York being squired around and wined and dined. But it’s not all Le Bernardin and Dovetail (though she will reportedly dine at both places) — the Times took Hagerty to eat her first-ever street hot dog, and they wisely brought a videographer along. See the (sadly, not embeddable) video here. Judging by Hagerty’s reaction (and her big F-U to last week’s detractors), it seems like she’d make a pretty great New Yorker. [City Room/NYT, Earlier, Earlier]