Regarding the Weekend Amateur Hour at 15 Romolo; We May Be Headed for a Maple Syrup Shortage


• Here’s why you should stick to weeknights when it comes to 15 Romolo. [7x7]

Roostertail Rotisserie gets a little love from the Journal. [WSJ]

Sous Beurre Kitchen (2862 24th Street, at Bryant), within Sugarlump, is now serving their own house-cured prosciutto, which has been hanging for 25 months. [Mission Local]

• Marilyn Hagerty and Anthony Bourdain are reportedly in talks to collaborate on a book of some kind. This should be interesting … [Eater NY]

• You may want to start hoarding maple syrup: This past winter’s bizarrely warm temperatures in the northeast and midwest made for a terrible season for maple-tree tappers, and there’s probably more weird winters to come. [Gawker, AP]

• The smiling dude on the Quaker Oats box has a name, Larry, and he’s getting a makeover: The new and improved Larry will be slimmer and younger. And maybe he can get some better clothes? [WSJ]

• Starbucks’ strawberry Frappuccinos use ground-up beetles for that pretty pink color, and the vegan community is pissed. Also: that’s gross. [USAT]

• The U.S. had planned to send food aid to North Korea, but it has suspended those intentions as Pyongyang refuses to drop plans for launching a long-range missile. [Chicago Tribune]

• Bizarro celebrity diets go all the way back to the forties and a guru of sorts named Gayelord Hauser, writes Simon Doonan. [Slate]